Episode 3 | Pol Pintó

In this episode we have as a guest the emerging artist Pol Pintó (1993, Barcelona), where we talk about his creative process and his latest show Acció 02.

Emptiness dominates in Pol Pintó’s work, occasionally with drops and stains of paint that could be considered mistakes. These are the result of an unrepeatable and spontaneous action, every action leaves a trace, sometimes involuntarily.

The origin of Pol Pintó’s pictorial work focuses on urban art, understood as a means of free expression without filters. In this environment, speed becomes essential. Facing it, is what forces Pol to move away from his obsession with perfection and have to look for other types of tools in order to develop his work. This search led him to the discovery of the chalk line, using an instrument widely used in construction and engineering to draw straight lines. With the use of this, beyond streamlining the process, Pol realised all the other nuances that he brings to his work: expressiveness, inconstancy, randomness. Including error. In addition, the use of this chalk had clear connotations that would become the connecting link to define the evolution of his work: austerity and the continuous search for the primary.





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