The Art Of Doing

Welcome to The Art Of Doing, a Podcast hosted by Rubén López Torres.

What Is The Art Of Doing?

Each week, The Art Of Doing will seek out an artist, person, project, event or organisation to ask and explore questions about the artists path, the creative process and the contemporary art and creators ecosystem with the goal and pleasure to learn, understand and enjoy.

Uncovering the often hidden experiences of self discipline, resilience, determination, decision making, self doubt, criticism, selling, not selling, grappling with opposing ideas (this might work – this might not work) creating something that didn’t exist before, improvisation, planning, bravery… And above all else, the love, passion, personal call, personal search and challenge for the outside world and oneself.

About Rubén López

Rubén López is a gallerist, art dealer and consultant in Barcelona. Opening his first space ‘It Reminds Me of Something‘ in 2013, (later becoming ‘Galeria Ruben Torres‘,) he has continued to support local artists and creators, sharing his energy, intrigue, passion and support for the artist’s path. His most recent project ‘ÚNIC’, an art gallery and arts organisation aims to support, promote and showcase local artists and creators with the goal to create a positive impact on the contemporary Catalan arts, design and crafts ecosystem.
He is one of the judges for the Premis Nacionals d’Artesania. He has been invited to sit on various panels for cultural arts events and conferences organized by both the CCAM and Fundesarte.