Episode 1 | Samuel Salcedo

What better way to start this podcast and project than with a guest like the sculptor Samuel Salcedo (Barcelona, 1975).
Samuel Salcedo studied at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona and at the Metropolitan Manchester University.
A sculptor who works with the human body, his sculptures try to provoke the viewer with the aim of provoking him and that he feels reflected. His sense of humor, social criticism and irony are part of his personal language. The expressions of his sculptures can mean different things depending on the viewer who in the end is the one who gives it its own meaning.
Samuel is an artist completely open to make mistakes “I make virtues out of mistakes.”
It works intuitively and with the idea of creating a dialogue with the viewer in a feedback process and journey.
He creates, shows, the viewer reads and he receives feedback to create again.
Podcast in catalan.

Photography: samuelsalcedo.com


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